The Furbaby Inn no longer on Rover

Effective April 1st The Furbaby Inn will no longer be available on the Rover app or They have made some changes that no longer align with our business.
You can directly book with us through our website, Facebook or Instagram.
What this means for you:
1. You save money. Rover charges fees to both the owner and us to watch your Furbaby.
2. More flexibility. When you book on Rover you have to pay up front. When you book directly through us we will send an invoice to your email the day before your pick up your Furbaby. This allows you to be more flexible if you have to cancel, shorten, or lengthen your stay.
3. Privacy. Rover monitors our conversations. They don’t allow for certain things such as flexibility of payment for extra days.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but we feel this will allow us to better serve you.